Friends gladly participates in Sandoval County’s Retired Senior Volunteer Program (“RSVP”).  RSVP is one of numerous service programs within the County’s Senior Volunteer Program.  The following is a County provided description as of April 2010.

“Retired Senior Volunteer Program (RSVP): seniors 55 years old and older, who are interested in volunteering time, may provide service in their community.  Seniors volunteer their time in senior centers providing assistance in such areas as assisting seniors as they sign in for meals, working the food line, carrying trays for seniors, clean-up, and other assist with activities.  Others volunteer their time in public libraries, nursing homes, assisted living homes, food banks, hospitals, etc.  RSVP volunteers receive a minimal reimbursement for meals and mileage.”

Seniors who volunteer and who are accepted by the County into this County sponsored program, may receive some compensation for their travel expenses (as indicated above).

For more information, stop by our Friends’ Shop in Loma Colorado Main Library, call your county’s Senior Affairs or Senior Program or RSVP office, or contact us using the form below.