Board of Directors

Board directors and officers must each be 18 years of age or older, when elected. Friends’ members can be of any age.

Board members are elected during the Annual Membership Meeting, held yearly in April.

  • A director’s term is three years.
  • Every year approximately one-third of the board members’ terms expire.
  • Current bylaws set no maximum to the number of terms an elected director may serve.

Officers are elected by the board at the first board meeting following the Annual Membership Meeting.

  • An officer’s term is one year.
  • An officer may serve only a maximum of two consecutive terms.

FOLRR has no maximum limit on the number of directors who can serve concurrently on the board.  Why? This is a very hands-on, participatory board. Participation in monthly book sales, luncheons, retreats, and every board meeting is needed and expected from each board member. The more ideas and hands, the better for the organization and, ultimately, the community!

Interested in serving? Here’s a copy of our current Official Bylaws, Oct. 2012, opportunities for volunteers, and our plans for 2017. Please contact us!

Time commitment seems too much? You can still have a positive effect on literacy. Contact us about volunteer opportunities, or to be considered for our Advisory Council.

As of July 29, 2017, FOL’s board members are: Rita Armijo; Kris Axtell, Past President; Nancy Bigelow; Mary Burnett, Vice President; Joe Driear, Online Communications & Recording Secretary; Bruce Goodman, Treasurer; Desiree Kim, Loma Colorado Friends’ Shop; Jeanette Kinker, Membership Secretary; Jan Roberts; Mary Roskom, Books for Babies; Margie Schuchardt, Assistant Treasurer; Diane Taylor, President. Ex-Officio: Anne Goodman, Newsletter; and Dianne Mayeda, Amazon Sales.