Box Tops For Education

We support Rio Rancho’s public schools by collecting Box Tops For Education (

Everyone, with or without children, probably purchases at least one product that displays on the container or wrapping a blue, black, red, and white square or rectangular graphic “Box Tops For Education”.  Products from participating companies include but are not limited to baby- & child-care, beverages, disposable tableware, food, paper products, school & office supplies, storage bags & containers, and waste bags!

In 2008, the Friends began collecting these “box tops” in a large container within our Friends’ Shop at Loma Colorado Main Library.

Several times a year we distribute the contents of our filled container to Rio Rancho’s public schools for them to redeem towards books, computer equipment, etc.

With each filled container, this easy no-additional-cost activity means hundreds of dollars for our schools.  Each redeemed box top equates to 10 cents!